10 Best Podcasts to Motivate and Inspire

Raise your hand if you love podcasts. YES! Huge fan right here. I kept hearing people discuss different podcasts about a year ago. So, I downloaded the free app and explored around. It was basically love at first sight. If you are a newbie and wondering, “What’s a podcast”, I highly suggest you choose one below and dive right in. But back to the basics, a podcast is a digital audio broadcast. You can download the free app. I use Castbox on my android. It gives you access to great content, covering a wide variety of topics from all around the world. Pretty amazing right?!

I love how easy it is to put on while driving, working out or during housework. I actually like to listen to them when I hike as well. Podcasts make for a great pick me up. I find it very inspirational to see behind the scenes of successful people. You get to hear their personal story which allows you to relate. It’s as if you were sitting on their couch enjoying a hot cup of coffee with them . If they were able to follow their heart and reach their dreams you can too. And that is my favorite part and why I want to share my favorite motivation and inspiration podcasts. 

Here is the best podcasts to help motivate and inspire you in living your best life.

1. The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is nothing short of a goal digging girl boss. She will kick your butt and get you motivated in achieving your wildest dreams. Gain tips on productivity, social media and business hacks. She is so inspiring and her practical tips and knowledge will keep you motivated. You receive the best free advice from business professional to help crush your own goals.

It’s as if you are a fly on the wall getting the top secret insider tips. Add all this amazing knowledge to your own tool kit to jump start your life and career goals.

2. Do It Scared with Ruth Soukup

First of all you feel immediately welcomed because guess what, we all have fears. She is so open about both her success and failures. Ruth’s mission is geared toward facing your fears, overcoming adversity and creating a life you love. She provides actionable steps to keep it easy. It would be nice to wipe fear clean from our minds and hearts, but it takes time and Ruth is here to help.

3. Almost 30 podcast

Tune in to get honest conversations on health, personal development, spirituality and entrepreneurship. Learn how to rock life’s transitions. It’s fun, unfiltered and a must hear. Take your personal growth to the next level. They don’t know it yet, but we are legit BFF’s.

I highly suggest episode 138- Wonder over Worry.  Drop the worry and find out how to get unstuck and conquer your fears.

4. The Model Health Show

Shawn Stevenson who is an author and nutritionist has a way of keeping health simple. He is actually rated #1 health and fitness podcast on apple podcast. You will gain achievable knowledge and tips on creating both a mind and body you love. Make yourself a priority here. Definitely one of those reminders that you can’t fill from an empty cup.

5. The Lively Show

Add more intention to your day with a wide variety of topics covering blogging, business, food and wellness. Her goal is to uplift and inspire. Become more present in your own life through mindful living. Do you feel like there is more to life and an feel stuck? Than listen to episode 277 where you find out how to break your own limits and explore new possibilities. Still want to live even more beyond your limits? Check this out to break that barrier.

6. The Balanced Blonde

She will set your soul on fire.  Follow Jordan as she interviews her dear friends who have lots of knowledge. It is as if you were sitting and enjoying coffee with a few close friends. Covering topic such as entrepreneurship, wellness, nutrition and keeping your passion alive. She gives you a glimpse into her life while encouraging to make the most of yours.

7. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

No one is you and that is your superpower. I absolutely love this quote from host Cathy Heller. In her episodes you find practical tips to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Don’t sell yourself short. Live the life you dream of and find out how to through interviews of successful people. Don’t waste your life feeling stuck in a cubicle with zero chance of advancement. The time is now and answer is you. You got what it takes. Listen to this podcast for that extra kick in the butt to get you motivated to living a life you love.

8. Grind and Be Grateful

Join Marie Wold as you she inspires you in becoming your best self. Sometimes we need that daily reminder and need to have it on repeat to achieve our passions. With hard work and a positive mindset, anything is possible. Perfect for any season of life as you learn to grow and learn with the change.

9. Angie Lee Show

She is hilarious and super smart and wants to make your bank account not suck. Follow along on her journey and gain insight on how she made a 7 digit income before the age of 30. Now that right there is truly inspiring. Like yes please, sign me up for that and give me front row seats! Find how this total boss babe did it and learn how you too can do it.

10. Happier

This podcast stems from Gretchen Rubin’s #1 NY Times bestseller, “The Happiness Project.” Maybe you heard of it before. Her books and podcast are truly life changing. Find your happy and good habits. It’s pretty catchy and perfect to flip your mindset to become more positive.

So, if you haven’t checked out podcasts before, you need to start! Time to ignite the fire within you and begin to chase after your passions and dreams with a little more oomph behind it. We all have good and bad day and days where we want to veg out on the couch. Sometimes a little relaxation is needed but sometimes we need someone to literally kick our butt into high gear.

So choose a podcast from above and get motivated! Do you have a favorite from above or one to add to the list? I would love to hear about it!


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