How To Rock The New Year

Well Hello 2019! Not quite sure where 2018 went. Last I checked it was August and I was enjoying warm sunsets on the beach followed by glow in dark bocce ball. Then BAM, Santa showed up and now the new year. Whew…

Happy New Year

And that’s exactly what it should be, HAPPY! So don’t overwhelm yourself with a million new changes and a goal sheet the length of a CVS receipt. Keep it simple. Enjoy the New Year, enjoy the blank slate and bask in the freshness.

But let’s get real. What’s next? We all know our minds will revert to planning on how to make 2019 the best year yet. Keep the positive thoughts flowing. Think of the 2019 calendar as 365 opportunities. Opportunities to grow, laugh and live a life of abundance.

Reflection of 2018

It’s New Year’s Eve as we sit and reflect on the past 365 days and plan for the next 365 days ahead as the ball drops in NYC Times Square. To move forward in the new year we must first take time to look back and reflect. What pops into your mind immediately as you reflect on your year? Is it joy, failure or maybe even exhaustion? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to or did you fall short?

Regardless if you achieved 100% of your goals or not it is perfectly OK. Don’t reflect and dwell on the sadness or failure. Be thankful for the hardships and failures as they are intricately placed in your life to teach you a lesson.

You didn’t lose the weight. You chose cookies over fruit. You fell short of earning the promotion. Your marriage is a mess. Dreams stayed as dreams and didn’t become a reality. Once again you allowed fear to take over. Does any of this sound familiar? Let me welcome you in on a little secret…we are human and we all fail many times throughout life. Oh and I mean MANY times. So congrats, you are a normal living human being!

But here’s the thing, let’s focus on the positive. There is always magic and beauty mixed in with the mess. Maybe you didn’t lose the exact amount of weight you wanted to. I bet you gave it thought and tried though. Chances are you tried new, healthier foods and stepped foot into a gym or workout class. You laced up your shoes and gave it effort. I don’t see one ounce of failure in any of that. I see progress. You made a change, regardless of how long it lasted. That is powerful right there and worth celebrating.


So as you reflect on 2018, search for the positives. Write down what you achieved or what new things you tried. As the negatives pass through your mind, write those down too. Honestly, write it all down. The good, the bad and the downright ugly. Smile over the joys and be thankful over the not so joyous, use them as clues to lead you further into the New Year. Sit with that allowing the smile and fire burning inside of you to launch you into 365 new opportunities.

New Year = NOT A New You

It’s written everywhere…social media, clothing, posters and in books. New year, new you. Time for a new beginning and a new you. But WHY? Yeah I think that saying is a crock of you know what.

You were created perfectly just as you are. There is no need to become something new. You already have the skills and knowledge to fulfill your purpose. We should be thankful for who we are are and how unique we are. I mean come on , I’m allergic to the sun. As painful as the reactions are and how hard it is to avoid UV rays, I still remain thankful for it. I like my unique trait as it has grown and molded me into the person I am today. Do I wish there was a cure, YES, but it has given me a different outlook on life and I love that part of me.

Embrace who are are today and be grateful for being unique. You don’t have to start over or change who you are to reach your goals. You my friend already has what it takes to live your best year yet in 2019. Yes, you can reach your dreams with everything you already are.

It’s called mindset. You got what it takes, now go tell your mind that. Use your current skills and unique personality with a little extra power from your very own mind. No need to change yourself, just polish what you already have and ROCK IT!!

How to NOT Make a New Years Resolution

Creating a new years resolution is so old school. Typically it turns out to be so cliche and cookie cutter. You than overload yourself with millions of changes that only overwhelms your mind. When in the end all you actually achieved was setting yourself up for failure.

You can’t decide to make so many changes in one day and expect them to stick and be followed through. It’s just not attainable. Life happens, you get busy, something pops up and things get moved to the back burner. You than follow up with,”Oh I will do that tomorrow.” But tomorrow keeps getting pushed back another day. You end up drowning in a sea of what you want to get to. The overwhelm sets in as you don’t ever get to it, because it now seems so far fetched. So you decide, well maybe next year. That ends up being the end of that resolution.

Trust me, I’ve been there too. I used to set resolutions, get hyped up about it and than quickly fall off of the hype train. I would end up at the end of the year without a resolution trophy. Ugh.

Than 3 years ago I decided to make a change. No more crazy resolutions that I know I would never achieve. Instead I chose to keep it simple. I now choose one word to live by for an entire year. And since I have achieved my chosen word every year.

There truly is magic in one simple word. It gives you a vision and sets you up for success. You intertwine the word into everything you are already doing. It allows you be successful as you are without completely flipping your life with millions of changes. It allows for the unexpected hiccups and some leeway. Because as I said above, we are all human beings and things happen. But the word remains a swift kick in the tush throughout the year to keep you going regardless.

My Word of The Year

To keep myself accountable I am sharing my word for 2019. This year the word I chose is transform. I want to transform my wishes, dreams and passion into reality. I want to transform my mindset to keep consistent. I want to transform my knowledge, as well as fears, into something even more amazing. I want to take what I already have and shine it up. Because just like you, I too have what it takes. I need to transform my mind into believing that, despite fear and comfort zones.

So take a little quite time and ponder on your word. I would love to hear so please share below!

Take Action

You have your word, now you need to take action. Your word doesn’t work if you don’t. Once again keep it simple. Don’t go crazy with implementing everything day 1. You more than likely with burn out and exhaust yourself if you do it all at once. Think of it as a journey instead.

Implement one thing at a time. Take one step at a time, even if it’s a small step. Remember you have to walk before you can run. Then as time goes on grow on that as you integrate other actions towards achieving your ultimate goal. It won’t happen in a day, it takes time and diligence.

Consistent hard work gives you consistent progress. So put effort into it everyday. What you put into it is exactly what you get out of it. If something doesn’t jive with your plan or work out, adjust your path and get back on course. That is what is so awesome about choosing one word for the entire year. It allows for learning curves, mistakes and mental breaks. Life is going to happen, things with get in the way. Just adjust the path and keep on taking that one step forward.

Go Rock Your New Year

Remember you already have what it takes to live your best year yet. So believe in yourself. Flip your mindset and stay positive. Whatever word you chose to live by in 2019 can and will stay true. So write it down and post it where you will see it everyday. Use it as a daily reminder to rock your new year. You are 100% capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.

Oh and please share your chosen word with me below. Y’all inspire me and I would love to hear what you are working towards.

Once you write it somewhere to view daily be sure to tag me on insta @lifelivedfearless so I can cheer you on!

Happy 2019!!

Please share!