How to Set Goals and Crush Them

Let’s see who can relate. First I get an idea in my head…I want to feel more comfortable in my clothes, I need my legs to be stronger, I should put some money aside to save for a vacation, or I need to finish my page long to-do list. I may write it down on a post it note to make it seem more real, but I always lose the post it note. I attempt to set a goal date, but end up pushing it back because tomorrow always sounds like the best day to start. Although beginning tomorrow always stays as is…tomorrow. Never today. Never right now. Have you been there? Do you make the same attempt and procrastinate when to start? I fully admit to it.

So let’s dive into how you can successfully create goals and crush them. Get your thoughts onto paper and make it happen. It is time to quit procrastinating and make thing happen, because I know you are more than capable of it.

You are confined only to the walls built by yourself

Set yourself up for success

Your goals should be attainable and realistic. I am not saying to not challenge yourself. By all means set the bar high and knock it out of the park. However, setting a goal such as losing 20 lbs in a month is not achievable, nor healthy. If the goal you set is too big and more on the unrealistic side you are only setting yourself up to crash and burn. Do not do that to yourself. You want to win and be successful and that is what you deserve.


Set aside a specific time to sit down and brainstorm what the main goal is you want to achieve. Remove distractions, find inspiration and actually take 10-20 minutes of time to yourself to decide on what you want to achieve. Allow to your mind to wander and dream big. Now when I say set time aside, that does not include 10 minutes while you cook or clean. I want you to actually sit down and focus. After you allow time to focus on brainstorming, grab a piece of paper, not a post it note, and write down your main goal. Did you choose a main goal yet? Good, now set a realistic goal date. Depending on the size and content of your goal, the time frame could be weeks, months or even a year.

Once you conjure up your main goal it’s time to make it feel more attainable. What steps are you going to take to reach it? Staring down your main goal can seem a little far fetched and bring on an overwhelming sensation. So let’s break it down into smaller, achievable goals that allow you to stay accountable and successful. Click below to follow this easy guide to creating attainable goals.

Break it down

Each smaller goal needs to include a specific task with a finish date attached to it. This helps to eliminate procrastination and reduce cramming everything in last minute. If each task is not time sensitive you allow the phrase,”Oh I have plenty of time and will get to that tomorrow”, to creep into your mind. For instance if your main goal is to complete a 5k race in 2 months, you may choose smaller goals such as jogging 5 minutes without stopping or schedule to run 4 days a week.

Arrange each small goal into a list with a date written next to it. Then break down each small goal with a plan on how to achieve it. Therefore, if your small goal was to run 5 minutes without stopping (which can be pretty daunting for a newbie) create a plan to begin to walk 1 minute and run 1 minute. Now the small goal is more attainable, less scary and provides you with success. Keep it simple for your minds sake. The size of the steps you take to achieve success of reaching your goal does not matter, just take the darn step even if it’s a tip toe. You are still moving forward!

Post it everywhere

It is important that you write down your goal and steps to achieve it. It makes it official and provides you with a hard copy of your thoughts. Now go post it everywhere. Keep your goals in sight throughout your day to keep yourself accountable and focused.

My tops 5 spots to post my goals

  1. Bathroom mirror
  2. Dashboard of vehicle
  3. Background of phone or screensaver
  4. Refrigerator
  5. Planner or calendar

Tip: Write a motivational quote next to your goals and place that everywhere as well

Adjust your mindset

Keep a positive mindset. Tell yourself you can and will do it. Be your own coach and give yourself a positive pep talk. Build up the enthusiasm to do the damn thing and completely crush your goals. You are already built with everything you need to be successful, you just have to believe in yourself 110%. You my friend, can do anything you set your mind to.

Check this out for motivation on starting where you are!

Stay consistent

Successful people don’t reach goals because they have some secret super power. If it were that easy I would be buying that super power on amazon right now. All of my goals would be achieved with their free 2 day shipping! But on a serious note, the secret to it all is staying consistent. You can’t work hard at it one day and think that will carry you into the next week. It won’t and chances are you will fall off the bandwagon if you push it to the side a few days. Stay on top of it and work at it each day. Look at your calendar each week and find time to block off each day for it. If it really that important to you, you will make time for it.

Don’t beat yourself up

Guess what…we all have off days and that is normal, it’s life. Maybe your co-worker brought brownies in while you were dieting or you binge watched your favorite T.V. show instead of completing your work. It is ok and the world will not end. Remember how the mistake or slip up made you feel and learn from it. Take what you learned and move forward. Being upset of it will not fix the fact it happened, but it will cause negative feeling. Fix those feelings and stay positive, keep a healthy mindset and once again tell yourself you can and will do it!

Reward yourself

Time for the fun part! Celebrate everything big and small. As you achieve the smaller goals along the way make sure to celebrate your tiny wins. You absolutely deserve doing a happy dance for the small wins! Despite the feelings of success and fulfillment you will earn from completing your goals, keep something special set aside for the end. Maybe it is a night out with friends, a mini vacay or a relaxing at home spa day to yourself. Place that on your goal sheet to give yourself something to work towards. Soak it all in. Use the success to drive you forward and continue to motivate you towards bigger dreams!

I want to hear what your goals are. Leave a comment below so I can cheer you on!

Remember you are capable of anything and everything you put your mind to!




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