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Ultimate Fall Bucket List

It’s officially fall season. Time for crisp and cooler weather, football and pumpkin flavor everything! Bring on the flannel, sweater and boot wearing weather. Something about the fall season just speaks to me. I can’t quite place my finger on it though. Maybe it’s the calmness after the busy summer. Or the magic of the leaves changing from green to beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow. Whatever it is, I am excited and completely ready for the new season. What about you?

Fall is the perfect time to drop the materialistic side of life and enjoy the little things. With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, now is the time to show gratitude. Be thankful for what life offers, even if there are a few curve balls. Maybe you took for granted the hot summer sun and tan lines. It is time to sit back and unwind as nature shows off and screams for your attention. Notice the colors and the smell of the crispy autumn air that embraces you. Unplug over the weekend and allow the new season to rejuvenate you.

Get out and Explore

So, let’s eliminate the, “What do you want to do”, question and have some fall fun. Create lasting memories and new traditions. Save these ideas to your pinterest or print them out to keep on your fridge as a checklist.

20 Must See and Do Activities for The Ultimate Fall

  1. Carve a pumpkin- create your own unique design or use a stencil to look like a pro. Don’t want to use sharp tools to carve? Try painting your pumpkin. It’s less messy and kid friendly. Plus if you live in a humid climate like me, a carved pumpkin barely lasts a week before it grows mold and collapses. Get creative!
  2. Football games- watch on TV, with friends or go to a local game. Cheer your team on!
  3. Bike ride– Get outside and enjoy the fall weather as you watch the leaves change colors. Rent a bike and explore a new city.
  4. Hiking– perfect weather for a hike along with the beautiful fall foliage. Find the perfect trail for your hike here.
  5. Bonfire with s’mores– I actually believe this is a must do in every season, because who doesn’t love ooey gooey chocolate and marshmallows
  6. Hayride– take a ride through a local farm or apple orchard
  7. Visit a farm– I am all about going local  so check out a farm in your area. Visit the animals and take some home grown goodies home.
  8. Pumpkin flavor everything– Yes! ‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice coffee and lattes and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. You can even use pumpkin spice body lotion and scrub.
  9. Fall festival– Usually not hard to stumble upon a festival in the fall. I believe it is the perfect way to dive into the culture in a new city. Especially with handmade crafts and foods from the locals.
  10. Apple picking– apples are ripening now and many orchards offer more than just that. Most offer ciders, hayrides, tours and other foods such as jams and desserts
  11. Go camping– spend a weekend outside and unplugged as you cozy up around the warm campfire
  12. Crock pot chili– Nothing screams an Autumn Sunday like football and chili cooking in the crock pot
  13. Train ride– sit back, relax and ride through the mountains to be completely emerged in the fall foliage
  14. Try a new fall recipe– keep it simple and use the crock pot or go all out. Host a fun recipe swap party with friends.
  15. Cozy coffee on the porch– Brew your favorite hot cup of coffee and cozy up on the porch with a blanket (wish I could do this every morning)
  16. Scenic road trip– take a road trip for a few hours or days. Pack snacks and chase after the beautiful red, orange and yellow colors of the season.
  17. Flannel and boots– um yes please!! My favorite fall go to outfit
  18. Haunted house– be brave and check out a haunted house or scare yourself even more with a ghost tour
  19. Fall outdoor picnic– use your backyard or a local park and pack a basket full of goodies…oh and don’t forget the apple cider
  20. DIY fall decor project– make our house feel and smell like fall with a fun project

So what’s first on your list to explore? What do you enjoy doing with your friends and family in the fall? Any traditions? I would love to hear so I can try new things as well!


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