Why You Should Embrace Failure, Not Fear It

How many dreams, passions, goals and experiences in life have you missed out on because the fear of failure got in the way? I’m pretty confident in guessing failure has held you back more than once. In fact reading this probably already brought a few of those instances back into your train of thought. I know the fear of failure has held me back before I even had the chance to give it a try.

It is sad how one word can be so powerful. We allow it to bust into our minds and hearts. It steals our dreams, hopes and wishes. And we just let it…

I vote we fight back and take what is ours. We need to not allow the fear of failing get the best of us. The word itself, “failure” is only powerful because we are allowing it to be. We somehow continue to feed it making the beast even bigger inside of us. It’s time we take the power back into our own hands. Instead of fighting against failure, why not learn to embrace it.

Failure Teaches the Best Lessons

Life brings us a consistent flow of lessons. Some lessons we are very thankful for and others confuse us as to why. But regardless good or bad, these lessons shape and mold ourselves as an individual as well as our life’s. They are perfectly placed to keep us on the correct path, even when we have no idea where the path is leading us.

Failure truly is life’s greatest teacher.

Think back to the first time you rode a bike without training wheels. I highly doubt the first time you hopped on you rode miles without falling. Pretty sure it was the exact opposite. You fell multiple times, probably got frustrated and even cried. But I bet you got right back on the bike and tried again. You failed, you brushed off the fear, readjusted and tried again. Wasn’t easy (wasn’t supposed to be easy) although you persevered and learned how to ride a bike.

It’s exactly how life is. We must go through failing first (usually more than once) before we learn to succeed. You must walk before you learn how to run.

Sometime failure is hard to comprehend. We see many celebrities, CEO’s and entrepenuers who seem like they have it all together. We watch them in awe and aspire to get on their level. When we fail at our own dreams and plans we think we aren’t lucky enough or not meant to be at that level.

But it’s a journey and we must keep failing to continue to learn and achieve our wildest dreams. When we see a major CEO we see their success. What we fail to think about is their journey. They probably failed more times than they care to share. But look where they are today.

Now let’s set one thing straight. If failure scares you into not taking a leap of faith or taking the next small step in your life or business, what do you gain? Exactly…NOTHING. So take the leap and accept the possibility of failure. If it doesn’t go as planned, embrace it and use it as fuel to try again with the lesson you learned. And when you succeed you better celebrate the heck out of it!

Failure Keeps You on the Correct Path

Do you recall a particular situation in which you really wanted something. Something you wanted so bad that you prayed, wished and hoped for it. Then in the end you didn’t get it. It’s only natural to get upset over it in the beginning. But later down the road you were thankful you didn’t get it. Thankful that your journey went a different way than want you thought you wanted and/or needed.

Yet another reason why failure should be embraced. Failure steers us down the correct path. It chips away at the excess and shapes us, as well as our dreams and plans.

We need not view failing as a road block or obstacle. Instead, we should view it as a launching ramp. As it only leads us closer to success, whatever that may be for you.

How Failure Leads to Success

For some reason our minds like to believe that failure is the exact opposite of success. When in fact it is 100% a part of success. Chances are if you never failed, you probably also never had the courage to take a risk. In the end it only keeps you complacent and nowhere near reaching your wildest dreams. You must take risks to attain success.

Failure comes into play like a pat on the back on your journey to your successes. It shows up to mentor and keep us on the correct path providing us with essential tools. Tools such as knowledge and mental toughness. These tools can only be obtained by failing. They build you up and allow for growth.

I never met a successful person who never failed. Have you?

Of course following your fav businesses, celebrities and entrepreneurial role models on social media is going to look like rainbows and butterflies. We gaze in awe, wanting the quick and happy way to success. Wishing we had the “luck” that they somehow acquired. But lets get REAL here. You are seeing exactly what they want you to see. If you sat down with them and interviewed them on their story….it would include failures…LOTS.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Yes, failure can sound scary, but only if we allow it to be. Step back though and remember why you started in the first place. It all begins with passion and a dream or wish. Allow yourself to take a risk of achieving them. If you don’t take a risk or a small step towards your goals there will be no failures and also no success’s.

Matter of fact, I think fear holds us back more than any failure.

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We must embrace failure or else we will fear it. So let’s take a stand to view failure in a different light. Search for the positive in it and through the process. Look forward to the lessons, the inspiration, growth and allow it to mentor you on the journey.

Love to hear your stories!

  • What failures have you faced and what did you learn from it?

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  • Mila

    I absolutely love this. I think it’s very interesting the different ways that men and women approach failure too. I am currently reading a book called “Brave, not Perfect” by the founder of Girls Who Code and I highly recommend!

    Your article is spot on-thank you for sharing!

    • Cortney

      Thanks for the book recommendation!! I definitely need to check that out. Failure shows we tried but need to remember to allow it to fuel us and not harm.

  • Chloe Daniels | Clo Bare

    “It’s exactly how life is. We must go through failing first (usually more than once) before we learn to succeed. You must walk before you learn how to run.”

    So true. That’s a great reminder. Need to post it on my mirror!!! ❤